6 Amazing Adventures You Can Have in a Weekend


There is nothing like exploring UK’s waterways in a weekend rowing bonanza. Just join rowing tour organizer’s planned weekend adventures and you are in for a wonderful sightseeing trip in enchanting landscapes.

Caledonian Canal rowing expedition

•Kickstart your adventure weekends Europe based with a row from Fort Williams to Inverness on the Caledonian Canal over a distance of 100k.

•Your tour organizer takes care of accommodation, boats and meals. You focus on rowing and sightseeing in Scotland for 3 days in a row

•Before you embark you may wish to trek to Ben Nevis, ride the Jacobite steam Train and follow the Fort William Mystery Treasure Trail. Row the canal to Loch Lochy where you can take a side trip to the Clan Cameron Museum and proceed to Fort Augustus and then, the legendary Loch Ness. Rowing on the Loch Ness is quite an experience after which the arrival at Inverness can be a bit of an anticlimax.

South Coast Cornwall

•If Scotland does not appeal to you then there is the South Coast Cornwall to explore, from Fowey Castle to Truro.

•Since the row tour starts at Fowey harbour you may as well peep into the Fowey Castle before you set out or enjoy time at the beach. You may wish to walk through the pretty village of Mevigissey.

•The rowing expedition takes you to Lugger where you can spend the night and proceed to Portscatho, a fishing village and then finally St Mawes over a distance of 16k. The rowing done for the day, you may loosen your legs by climbing up the hill to the castle.

•Arrive at Truro and visit the Cornwall Museum and Cathedral to take memories back with you of a weekend well spent.

Oxford to London Thames Super Challenge

Rowing on the Thames a delightful experience where you start at Oxford, the university town and proceed to Windsor to explore the castle and then row onwards to Henley to peek into the Museum dedicated to rowing before arriving in London. You row for 200k and enjoy beautiful sights besides plenty of history and culture along the way.

Northumberland Coast

•Get away from city and crowds and join the Northumberland coast rowing expedition for your weekend.

•This rowing tour takes you alongside the coast starts at Beadnell and you go on to Inner Farne. Visit the ruins of the Dunstanburgh Castle and Farne Island to take in a bit of nature before proceeding to Bamburg for rest and to visit the Bamburgh Castle.

•Row along the Pilgrim trail, visiting the Holy Island along the way.

•Arrive at Berwick upon Tweed and then explore its beach.

Isle of Wight

Yet another option for your weekend is a rowing tour around the Isle of Wight in the Channel. The scenery is just superb and you enjoy peaceful solitude.

Bally Castle Northern Ireland

Northern Island has its attractions and Bally Castle is one of them. Take off for the weekend and enjoy rowing as well as taking part in an Irish Fair while you are at it.


The most iconic desert in the world is the Sahara


The great Sahara Desert is situated in the northern part of Africa and extended over a region of around 3,500,000 square miles. The region of the desert is practically equivalent to the zone of whole the United States. Because of the obstruction of nature, the span of the desert continues evolving. The southern limits of the desert are contracting since the year 2002; this could be because of the expanded measure of precipitation in the locale.

If you have visited this wonderful site of nature with Tours from Ouarzazate, you surely would have been hit with the inquiry that how did the sand get over here. The region what is presently we called as the Sahara Desert used to be a land with lavish greenery and grain fields. The monstrous climatic change is in charge of the total change of the whole condition of the territory. There is a theory which states that this occurred because of the greenhouse impact which is additionally was in charge of dinosaurs to get terminated.

The Sahara Desert can be explored Tours from Ouarzazate. This dessert can be partitioned into unmistakable locales, for example, the Central Plateau, Western Sahara, and the Eastern Sahara district. The Western Sahara locale comprises of sand and rough fields. This region gets around zero rainfall yet there is a channel of underground canals that go about as the significant wellspring of water. There is a scope of desert gardens which can be found around the zone. This might be because of the underground canals that break the surface and structure desert gardens.

The eastern piece of the desert incorporates Libyan district that is considered as the driest area of the desert. The zone, for the most part, shows sand rises and sandy squanders with no water. Here, one can discover a couple of desert gardens. Most parts of the Sahara Desert district get precipitation less than five inches every year and there are parts where no precipitation is recorded for the whole year.

So as to make due in the most blazing area on the planet with no water, the greenery has rolled out certain improvements in their way of life. As indicated by the climatic conditions, the plants develop with exceptionally little leaves and extremely long roots so as to reach up to the damp soil to increase some water. A date palm tree is a standout amongst the trees of Sahara Desert. You can find long stretches filled with this tree.

When it comes about Fauna of the district, they have additionally made a few procedures to battle the cruel climatic conditions. A portion of the highlights that have been created by the animals required to remain alive in the district is as like the tough skin to empower creatures to protect water in their body. For better thermolysis, they have short hairs on their body. So as to stay away from sweat, the creatures increase their inward temperature. They additionally built up a propensity to look for food and water in the night to maintain a strategic distance from a hot day.


Top Unforgettable Destinations That is Best Seen from a Nile River Cruise


Every year, countless people from all over the world, are on the Nile cruises and the Egyptian holidays. These can help you explore the tourist attractions for fascinating care and help Egypt become one of the sought after destinations. The vast complex in Karnak Temple until the infamous Valley of the Kings, as beautiful and beautiful as the Philae model, is so important for unforgettable destinations for tourists. Although there are many ways to explore the enchanting regions, nothing can make up for the pure magic of a cruise.

The largest one stands on the Karnak temple

The Karnak Temple is one of the vast collections of ancient religious structures of care dating back almost four years. Thousands of shows every time you can meet on a luxurious cruise on the Nile, visit the site. They are immensely popular, and most holiday packages in Egypt, including location. You can see two points five kilometers from Luxor, and this site is a massive one. Some of the famous sites in the Karnak complex include Sacred Lake, Hypostate Hall and Amun Home.

Kings Valley famous for its sixty-five tombs

The Valley of the Kings is one of the amazing places that offers historical care, profound and mystical reverence. You can always find value around 200 years, and archaeologists are exploring the site. During exploration, it helps to find six dimensions and five times the latest or most recent data of 2008. When cruising on the Nile River, it is the largest attraction for demonstrations. In the days of caring for the ship merges in the city of Luxor, the tourist numbers can amount to nine thousand in total. The Valley of the Kings is open throughout the year.

The temple of Luxor

The Luxor Temple is one of the ancient models found in the vicinity of Luxor. Amenofi III built this model for the worship of the gods Amun, Mut and Chons. It is firmly located on the tourist routes of Egypt in the city and in the city of Luxor. The temple was built during 1400 BC, during the reign of Amenophi III. All the temple structures are built after an extraordinary variety of sandstone called Nubian sandstone. Legend has it that sandstones were transported to quarry sites in southwestern Egypt. The Hall and the temple of the colonnade are among the impressive features. When booking an all-inclusive vacation, it will undoubtedly include the fantastic Luxor model stay.

Pyramids of Giza

One of the most famous “seven wonders of the world” must be the Pyramids of Giza. Millions of visitors and tourists visit the pyramids every year. They are truly the antiglip of ancient civilization. Egypt seems to be a number of attractions for travelers, but it is not this kind of recognition or instant search popular as the Great Pyramids of Giza. It is located on the Giza plateau and in the ancient necropolis of Giza. No matter how many people gather in the area and no matter how many times the place is visible, this site can never miss the magical attraction. Other pyramids are Khafre (Chephren), Khufu and Menkaure. The Sphinx is the largest monolithic statue in the world, the care is also the oldest monument, the care surely mentioned.