Why I Fell in Love with Tours of Morocco: 8 Reasons

One of the best ways to enjoy a sunny summer day in North America and Europe is to start Africa. Even in Africa, Morocco and the Sahara are not in second place. You will fall in love with different places, people and all the experience.

1. it’s been a long time
The trip to the Sahara, in Macedonia, involves long distance travel. The journey from Morocco to Mhamhamid is another long-distance journey, which is an end in itself. Cross the High Atlas Mountains through Tichi n Tizka with incredible scenery. If you join the tour at Uszazate, the views are incredible.

2. Berber people
Ait Ben Haddou is unlike any other European or American city. Berber people have lived for centuries and this village is an example of Berber life. You can walk to the center of town, talk to the locals and find out about their unique culture.

3. sand sand
There is nothing like changing the sub-Saharan soil. Geography has never been this way. Sometimes you pass on the rocky cliffs, then the brown sandstone rises. Try to put on soft sand. It’s an experience like no other.

4. Camp in the desert
Although the jeeps cover the distance of the Moroccan expedition, you will camp in the desert in selected areas just outside Mhamhamid and Erg Chigaga. There are only dunes in the sky a few kilometers around. Feel the grandeur of nature and the magic of the place. Watch out for the sun rising from the narrow horizon and rising early in the morning. The colors are really cute.

5. Camel riding
A camel in the Sahara is challenging, but once you get the hang of it you will find you actually enjoy it. The constant rolling motion can leave you with body aches, but the ride is worth it as you came takes you across hollow and over the dunes.

6. Food
Night comes and the Berber guides create camp and light a wood fire for a stew cooked, or a vegetable and meat. The aroma of smoke lingers. In addition, participation in the traditional tea ceremony.

7. Following the ancient routes of the caravan
The journey from Merzouga to Ourzazate takes you through the picturesque Tazzarine village and then on the caravan route extends on the Tanishkt through the Dra’a Valley. Throughout, you can keep and leave with palm trees, practice untouched time. It’s like joining back in time.

8. Tour operators
The best experience of care or obtaining by the tour and care operators allows the authorities. Some work outside offices and assign guides. Get a memorable experience when experienced tour operators and having the best places, can provide you with information about funds and can clothe your knowledge store, letting you see we can see it again.

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