Top 10 Things to See and Do on a Luxury Nile Cruise


Summary: Egypt offers you hundreds of tourist places. Gathering concise information about the different places while planning a tour of the Nile cruise is an exciting activity.

Traveling on a cruise, savoring the scenic beauty of Egypt on both sides of the Nile, is an unforgettable experience. A cruise trip is full of modern amenities, without compromising your comfort and convenience. You can participate in activities on your cruise vacation. It is a good idea to write down some activities and prioritize them before embarking on your trip.

Regal stay at Sonesta St. George

Sonesta St. George is an impressively beautiful floating hotel that marks one of the USP’s luxury cruise on the Nile. Its magnificent lobby with a dazzling chandelier on the ceiling stuns you as soon as you make an entrance. The upper deck has an elegant cafeteria and pool with lounge facilities.

Exploring Karnak

You must take a resolution so as not to miss visiting possibly the most important site of Pharaoh in Egypt. In ancient times, Karnak was the basis of the country’s central power. Usually, your luxury cruise on the Nile would start in Karnak, with amazing remains.

Visiting the temple of Luxor

Pharaoh King Amenhotep III’s masterpiece, the Luxor Temple is an impeccable example of intricate architectural crafts. The colorful hieroglyphs and statues of Ramses enchant you in the temple facilities.

King’s Valley

The tombs of almost all the pharaohs can be traced in the captivating Valley of the Kings. If you are lucky, you can witness the famous tomb of the Great King Tutankhamen, provided it is not closed for minor renovations and investigations. Appreciating the Hatshepsut Temple

The West Bank of Luxor is the location of this intriguing temple with an amazing spectacle of large terraces and a fascinating backdrop of imposing mountains. The upper terrace has statues of Hatshepsut, which makes the place more interesting for photography.

Drinking tea at sunset

As the sun melts on the horizon, having a flavored tea on the deck of a Nile cruise is one of the quietest experiences. The cool breeze of the palm trees on the banks would play with your hair, wrapping you in a quiet and romantic atmosphere.

Admiring the Temple of Edfu

It is the best preserved Greco-Roman Egyptian temple. Locals have statues that resemble horse-drawn cars. The temple dates from 273 a. C. It is one of the quintessential elements of any well designed itinerary.

Exploring the temple of KomOmbo

It is a dual temple with an intensely delicate symmetrical plan, dedicated to Horus, the falcon god, and Sobek, the crocodile god. It has some old corners that make the place seem mystical.

Visiting the Temple of Philae

Experts and globetrotters affected that the Temple of Filae is the most beautiful temple in Egypt. The temple of the Ptolemaic era is a symbol of ancient culture in the small and charming city of Aswan.

Roaming in GharbSohail

It is a colorful place where you can wander and buy handmade artifacts.

A dazzling experience

Do not miss any of the specific places in this article. Click on the photographs to capture the brilliant experience.